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 As a young boy, I discovered a deep connection to nature and the amazing world in which I found myself. It was all around and I was immersed in it.  As I grew I began to realize just how profound and important our world and my desire to capture its uniqueness had become. The natural world continues to inspire me to this day.

At around ten years of age I became aware that a large part of the experience I had with this marvelous environment around me was visual and the observation of it was spellbinding. When I turned twelve my uncle gave me an Argus 35mm camera and a lifelong union was formed. I had the means to record and share the marvels that surrounded me. By the creation of visuals I found my awareness of everything deepening. The irony of this paradox is endless: “The more I see the more there is to see.” I found I could capture a special moment in a place of wonder to share with others and also express my own relationship with it. And so “the story began."  I am fortunate that my life has been so involved with imagery. It has been a pleasure!


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